Fishing Gifts

Fishing Torches and LED Lights

Here is a great range of Fishing torches for safety when night fishing and for facilitating tying hooks and flies in poor light. Hands free fishing torches, LED head lamps and cap lights, flexi lights, re-chargeable spotlights and magnifier lights - there's something here every fisherman needs.

Major brand names include Orvis, Streamworks, Jarvis Walker and Fladen.

Deluxe Headlamp
10 LED

Deluxe Headlamp 10 LED

Price: 6.99

Pico Emergency
LED Light

Pico Emergency LED Light

Price: 10.93

Hat Light

Hat Light Plus

Price: 9.99


Spotlight Tool

Price: 22.75

Hat Light

Hat Light Plus

Price: 9.99

Personal Mosquito
Repeller with LED

Personal Mosquito Repeller with Super Bright LED

Price: 5.99