Fishing Gifts

Cookery Gifts for Fishermen

A great range of superb Fish Smokers, Filleting Knives, Chopping Boards, Cooking Utensils, Filleting Gloves and Cookery Books from top brands such as Rapala, Snowbee, Marttiini, Abu. Top Cookery Gift Ideas for Fishermen and their partners.

Filleting Glove

Snowbee Filleting Glove

Cut-resistant stainless steel core, wrapped with an interwoven polyester & vinyl material.

  • Provides frim grip on slippery fish or meat.
  • Reduces accidental cut damage.
  • Stain & moisture resistant.
  • Dishwasher & washing machine safe.
  • Can be worn on left or right hand.
  • 1 per pack.
  • Sizes: S/ML, /XL

Price: £8.99

Deluxe Falcon Fillet

Rapala Deluxe Falcon Fillet

The Deluxe Falcon Fillet has a multi-purpose sheath that protects the blade and user from harm during stowage and allows 'in-the-field' sharpening via its built-in fine grade ceramic-sticks sharpener.

Price: £9.95

Soft Grip Fillet Knives

Rapala Soft Grip Fillet Knives

The famous Rapala flexible blade with a no-slip, soft grip handle for filleting comfort. Comes complete with coordinated black textured sheath which keeps knife at your side. All include the Rapala single-stage sharpener.

18cm Soft Grip Fillet Knife, Sharpener & Sheath Price: £16.95

Snowbee Smoker Cooker

Snowbee Smoker Cooker

The top selling Snowbee Smoker, solves the problem of what to do with the catch! A generously sized Hot Smoker/Cooker constructed in Stainless Steel for easy cleaning and long life.

Price: £57.99

Snowbee Oak Dust - 250g

Snowbee Oak Dust - 250g

Top quality, kiln dried English Oak dust, which gives a wonderful rich flavour to all smoked foods. Now conveniently packed in resealable bags of 250g - sufficient for 4 or 5 full smokings. The smoke dust is finer and burns slowly than our earlier 'chippings' giving even more flavour. Try this on the Barbecue to add a rich smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking.

Price: £3.99

Lureflash Smoker

Lureflash Smoker

A compact and easy to use smoker cooker.
Stainless Steel
2 burners
Sliding lid
Easy to clean

Price: £29.95

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes

Bradley Flavour Bisquettes

The secret to the Bradley Smoker is the Bradley Flavour Bisquettes ®. To produce the bisquettes, the hardwood chippings are bound together using precise quantities, at controlled pressures and densities. The flavour of the smoke is determined by the variety of wood being burned.

  • Alder and maple give a rich and distinct flavour commonly used with seafood hams and bacon.
  • The stronger and very distinct flavours of mesquite and hickory are commonly used for smoking beef and pork products such as pork shoulders and beef brisket.
  • Apple and cherry impart a sweeter, milder smoke flavour, commonly used with poultry and wild game meat.

The Bradley Smoker burns a flavour bisquette once every 20 minutes producing a clean smoke flavour. As each is burnt, it is gently pushed from the burner element by the next bisquette, to be extinguished in the pot of water. The cycle continues for as long as the Bradley Smoker is loaded with bisquettes.

Included in each box of bisquettes is one of 56 different recipes for the Bradley Smoker!

Price: £16.80 - £35.70

Knife Sharpener

Snowbee Knife & Hook Sharpener

A quality Knife Sharpener designed to cover all your sharpening requirements. Rugged moulded construction, with finger ‘grips’ on handle and a rubber base pad, to hold sharpener in place, during use. There are twin Tungsten Carbide sharpening blades, for all knives, plus a grooved, stainless carbide hook sharpener on the end.

Price: £4.99

Snowbee SS 7in Filleting Knife

Snowbee 7" S/S Filleting Knife

An innovative new filleting knife,with a quality 4116 grade German stainless steel blade, treated with hard, Chartreuse surface coating. On the back of the bladeis a fish scaler, plus a safety blade. The PP plastic sheath, has a knife handle lock for safety and an ingenious cut-out,allowing you to cut braid or mono,using the rear ‘safety blade’ without removing the sheath. A rugged PP plastic handle with TPR Rubber section for extra grip, even when wet.

Price: £14.99

7in Snowbee Prestige Fillet Knife

Snowbee Prestige Filleting Knife 7in

7" one piece forged s/s blade, bolster and tang for extra strength. Genuine Pakka wood handle and leather sheath.

Price: £17.99

Snowbee Filleting Board

Snowbee Filleting Board

A new, unique filleting board, with a strong spring-loaded clamp built-in. Will firmly grip the jaws or tail of the fish, to prevent it sliding away. Makes cleaning & filleting any fish a breeze. Wipe clean PE board, with "grip" finish and non-slip pads underneath.

Price: £22.99

Fishing for Life Cook Book

Fishing for Life Cook Book

A Collection of Fly Fishing Recipes, from Exmoor.

Top-flight chefs, including Bruce Poole, of ‘Chez Bruce’ fame, Jamie Raftery at ‘The Castle’ in Taunton, Andrew Dixon at ‘Andrew’s on the Weir’, Tom Aikens and Leith’s, along with Exmoor locals, have donated recipes to an attractive and lavishly illustrated new cookbook in aid of South West Fishing For Life, the charity that help people recuperate after breast cancer treatment with the gentle but relevant exercise to be found in fly-fishing.

Price: £9.99

Home Book of Smoke Cooking

Home Book of Smoke Cooking

Jack Sleight and Raymond Hull. Paperback. 160 Pages.

The book for every home smoker from beginners through to the more experienced. Including techniques for creating a home-made smoke oven, this book shows how to create superbly flavoured foods with a full range of recipes for meat, fish, poultry, game and miscellaneous delicacies.

Price: £9.95